Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What happened?

Okay. So I burned out. Really bad. This past year was tough. I had been slowly losing motivation for about a year or two prior, then a moving related snafu and a bad apartment experience pushed me right off the rails. I stopped drawing for about 4 months. Now, I'm feeling a little better and am trying to get the mojo back again. Will do so in slow manageable steps. Fortunately this may actually translate into more frequent updates as I've decided on a change of pace away from the comic book for now.

I've started writing short stories. For those, I've made a brand new blog. It will feature bi monthly (that's the plan) story + one supplementary drawing for each. It's called Bitter Notes. here:

New Blog

and here's a rough sketchy for the new title banner of the new blog.

This old blog will be repurposed as a portfolio archive in the future. My Tyler's Drawings website will act as a hub for the two blogs and will no longer be used as a portfolio site.

Friday, July 01, 2011


update. I'm sorry. Hit a snag. Things happened. Took a break. Nasty writer's block. Depression. I'm trying. here is some music:

Mclarty Party People