Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Singlespeed road bike conversion project

Converting my 2008 Giant OCR3 road bike to single speed hipster dipster single-speed but not fixed gear because fixed gear is dumb and i actually want to have fun riding this bike project.  Click photos for larger resolution.



Things I added and/or changed:

     -Drop bars changed to Misfit Psycles Nu-Bar flat bar (25.4mm)
     -Specialized grips
     -generic bell because that is now required by law in Calgary, AB  
     -used existing Tektro brake levers.  These came stock on the 2008 model; it was a sort of nod to cyclocross road bike brake setup.  You can see them on the top part of the drop bars in the BEFORE shot.
     -front triple chainrings removed and replaced with a Brev 44-tooth track chainring
     -rear cassette swapped out for single 18-tooth cog with Misfit Psycles spacers and lockring
     -Misfit Psycles singlespeed chain tensioner (see below)
     -SRAM 1/8" bmx chain.  I found out after purchasing a 3/32" chain that the track chainring is incompatible with the standard 3/32" chain size.  So bmx chain required.
     -generic Mountain Equipment Co-op platform pedals
     -Rubena 700x28 reflective sidewall tires

and because I figure I might as well make this an exhaustive parts list:

     -cheapo Canadian Tire brake cables
     -Shimano brake cable housing

Chain tensioner

 Cog and spacers
 Reflective sidewalls

Oh, that saddle is a WTB something or other.  I bought it from Jenson USA website a few years ago.